Who is behind Xullux?


Hi, I’m Hanneke, creator and manager of xullux. I’ve been in the luxury yachting industry for over 25 years, working for major shipyards, suppliers and management companies.

During my career, when I was working on the client side, it was often a challenge to find a good supplier quickly for a very urgent job or specific part. Catching up on all the supplier mailings was an essential to stay up to date, but also a time-consuming task!  

And when I was working for a supplier, it was often a challenge to find new clients or stay in contact with existing ones – crew, yacht owners, schedules, and yacht positions change regularly.

So, I began to think: how can I share important information with clients, without overwhelming them with mailings and visits? The idea of xullux began to take root ….

My mission is now to facilitate this connection in an easy, affordable, and sustainable way (very important for all of us!)

I hope our platform is beneficial for all the players in the luxury yachting industry.

 If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our platforms, please let us know !

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