FLOWGRILL – The real ventilation louvres

text : a look-like or the real deal of Flowgrill ventilation louvres

Our expertise is to design, develop and manufacture tailor made high-end ventilation louvers and other tailor-made solutions for new build and refit projects.
We have many years of experience and all the expertise in house!

Design team
• Optimal airflow, due to our simulation software
• Reduced noise level
• Louvers designs which are fitting seamless in the structure
• Hingeable louvers for easy maintenance and/or gain access to a space
• A good design avoids the necessity to make prototypes (shortens delivery time)

Anti-corrosion & Coating team
• FlowGrill developed its own anti-corrosion and coating treatments, which are developed over the years to meet the highest yacht specifications
• Perfect paint coverage
• Long-lasting and beautiful looking louvers

Fabrication team
• Complex and one-off designs are standard

Service & maintenance team
• Minimize disruption and extend the lifetime
• Most spare parts on stock
• World wide service
• Maintenance packages available

As we have all in house:
• Short communication
• Quality control
• Short delivery time

If you need louvers or one of our other products contact Patrick Mannaart:
📞/WhatsApp: +31 6 82 09 50 40
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