The Awake boards are created for performance, quality, and safety to give you an experience you can't be without!

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Awake creates products that redefine performance mobility on water. For us, being Awake means relentlessly pursuing the forefront of technology and pushing the envelope of what extreme sports enthusiasts think of as possible.

High-performance and quality in everything we do – to enable both beginners and pros to take on any challenge.

Awake’s Flex-system, gives you the freedom to use eFoil & electric surfboard, anytime, with the same gear. The essential ingredient to enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled experience is our complex state-of-the-art safety system for both the riders and the gear.

All gear is designed with the rider in mind, so you find a board for every level and unique user features to enjoy the best experience.

Awake RÄVIK 3 /Become a rider
Awake VINGA 3 /Become a rider
Awake RÄVIK S /Break boundaries
Awake VINGA S /Break boundaries
Awake Flex Battery /One battery for all boards
Ride Functions /The Awake Link App
Click-to-Ride /Set up in seconds
Linear Jet System /Unmatched performance

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Q Who can ride the Aware?

Everyone can ride our boards

Q Where do you ship?

We ship to most countries in the world. Please reach out to if you have any shipping questions

Q Does the Awake boards require a license or registration?

No, it does not

Q How much does the Awake board cost?

The price range is 12.900€ - 15.900€

Q What is included with each board?

Everything you need to get started is included when you order any of our boards. The board, flex battery, hand controller, charger for both the battery and the hand controller, fins, foot straps, and a magnetic power key leash to activate the battery for riding and charge it afterward. And an onboarding with an Awake Team Member.

Q What are the differences betweeen the boards?

Visit the 3 series and S series pages where you can explore the differences between our electric surfboards and jet eFoils.