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Wash Down Services

With our professional trained teams we are able to arrange a total Wash-Down of the yacht with an estimated maximum length of 150 mtrs. with our especially equipped wash trucks and Wash Tender Boats. Also the service and delivery of pure water.

Wash Drone

 A powerful drone able to wash with pure water the entire hull, most of the windows and other painted panels of your super yacht, yacht or boat.
Frequently lime free washing minimizes the problem of lime stains or stubborn salt adherence.

This Baudoin Yacht Wash Drone has 6 strong brushless motors with efficient wings to stabilize the drones position under lower wind forces and water pressure influences. A fairly stable Wash Drone gives better wash results.
Advanced radar- an optical sensors prevent the Wash Drone to hit moore lines, an anchor chain or any boat surface.
4 strong and fast-charging 48V batteries provide per battery an estimated air and wash time of 20 to 25 minutes.

Pure Water

As a manufacturer, we have many years of experience in producing and developing our own Reverse Osmosis Units. The Baudoin Reverse capability; soap and all other cleaning tools will not be necessary anymore. By washing the Super Yacht with Baudoin Aqua Force Pure Water

Wash Down Equipments

Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems develops innovative superyacht cleaning products and accessories. All products are manufactured and assembled in its specialist workshop, and are custom-made to suit the requirements of all clients

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