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Promotional Video & the Web
The best way to promote your yacht, service and company. Promotional video in the superyacht industry sells yachts, sells charters, sells services.

Video captures your prospects’ imagination. Using the web for delivery, gives you the ultimate sales tool.

Guest safety videos
A well-trained crew and informed guests make your yacht safer. Video is the best way of getting the safety message across to all. It adds a valuable resource to your onboard safety regime, and most of all, it works.

Crew training videos
Using video is an ideal way to help train your crew, new and existing, and inform and reassure guests that the yacht and crew are professional and prepared.

Promote your event
Whether it’s a yacht sales show, chartershow, industry show, rendezvous or  regatta,good video will help capture the  atmosphere of the event and show why people should attend.

Yacht for charter
A good video will sell the dream of fantastic locations, and top quality service onboard a fabulous yacht. It will make your yacht, her features and your services stand out against all others.

Yacht for sale
Sales are never easy, and in these economic times, it’s even harder. So you’ve got to use your marketing capital to achieve the best returns. Selling a yacht is an  emotional decision backed up by facts. You have the facts – capture the prospects’ emotion.

A short promo movie will show all of your yachts’ features, capture the special essence of the vessel, show her in action. She’ll stand out and make your prospect want to find out more. That’s when you get down to work!

Delivering your message with the most powerful, adaptable media in the world.

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