Hand crafted Carpets & Rugs

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Colbourns is a London-based business with vast experience in crafting and installing high-end, bespoke products on an international scale.

In one sense we offer a service; we co-create and support our clients in their objectives. In another sense we offer products; our exceptional artisan partners around the world tuft, weave, knot, sew, dye, and finish for us using both ancient and cutting-edge techniques. In a third sense, we are a source of inspiration and understanding, our amassed knowledge and open communication are there to feed creativity.

What we do:

Whether it’s hand-tufting in China, hand-knotting in Nepal or weaving Abaca fibre in the Philippines, we uphold three exacting standards;

  1. authenticity and heritage of technique
  2. fair trade
  3. select raw materials

Contact us:
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Q Our Team

We're positioned to handle any scope and stature of project and we're constantly researching and sourcing global skill. We're fastidious quality controllers. We're relationship builders and expectation managers. And we handle the entire process from conception to installation. For us, creativity and practicality go hand-in-hand. Full-service demands it and production of incredible rugs and carpets does too