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International Business Etiquettes + Cross Cultural Education

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Costa & Martins

Costa & Martins was created in 2014 out of the increasing need from private and corporate clients to break down social and professional barriers on a national and international level.

At C&M Etiquette goes beyond good behavior and manners. It is a lifestyle, one that evolves with time thus never boring or out of date.

We transform our clients into more successful individuals, in all aspects of their lives, by coaching etiquette & cross-cultural intelligence, and developing lasting international social and business relations in a modern society.


The Finishing Touch is an international social etiquette program designed to help you make a positive first and lasting impression, enabling you to flourish in society as well as to engage with, receive and entertain others with the utmost refinement.

Superyacht and Private Jet Etiquette
A 7 star Crew is an undeniable requirement for an ultimate luxury and a memorable experience, regardless of the owners or guests nationality.

International Business Etiquette & Protocol
The ability to successfully embrace globalization is a key factor of success in the 21st century. Global companies must develop a cadre of sophisticated leaders who can distinguish themselves from the competition, develop and maintain business relations, radiate confidence and authority and inspire teamwork in multicultural environments.

Cross-Cultural Education
At C&M we help you build successful long lasting international relationships by teaching you the appropriate communication skills, alerting you to cultural sensitivity and helping you develop a global mindset. This exclusive, one to three day, culture specific course will change the way you see the International business world. It will harness you with the necessary tools to be successful in your chosen country or region.

International Your Etiquette
Etiquette is an essential life skill for any age. Give your child a gift that will last a lifetime, enabling them to effectively participate in their future by handling social and scholastic situations with grace and ease. C&M delivers the necessary foundation for a solid future, through poise, confidence, integrity and leadership, in an entertaining environment. Our workshops and dining tutorials are engaging, age appropriate and interactive programs.

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