Electric, hybrid propulsion and manufacturer of batteries

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Silent Sailing

We live by the KISS principle. Keep it Simple, Stupid. -and that’s how we design our electric systems.

EPTechnologies is a complete marine propulsion provider for electric and hybrid vessels. We guide the customers through the process of turning dreams into real hybrid and electric vessels with the use of the finest quality that makes economical sense.

With us you get all out of one hand, from our in-house lithium-ion batteries, DC-generators and sail /shaft or Z / Jet drives and it’s  all controlled by our own truster control and EMS / PMS software systems.

As experienced sailors and boat owners, we understand the daily challenges and design our systems with backup options, prioritizing simplicity. For larger systems, we incorporate double communication lines and system controllers with backup functions.

We leverage our vast network and skilled partners to address any tasks beyond our capabilities in-house.

We design and manufacture Lithium NCM and solid state battery technology batteries 24-800 VDC.

EPT lithium batteries are available in two technologies, 12 VDC in LiFePO4 and 24 & 48 VDC in NMC, with a nominal capacity from 52 to 150 Ah (2-2.8 kWh).

Our batteries are the lightest and safest in the marine industry.

For remote vessel control, we’ve acquired the BoatControl App, known for its easy installation, adaptability, and intuitive operation.

We design and manufacture saildrives and powerboat systems, emphasizing ease of use, exceptional performance, and sleek design.

With our expertise, quality, and commitment to innovation, we ensure an stress-free driving or sailing experience. We stand by our service!

You will be surprised of how cost-effective we are, as most parts are done in-house or via direct dealerships with production.

We build your electric dream on water.


Phone:  +45 30 20 96 94 



→ Main Products: Electric Propulsion, inboard and outboard, Lithium Batteries High Volt and Low Volt. Boat Control Application and an online shop with spare parts related to electric and hybrid propulsion.

→ Main Offices and Production Areas: EPTechnologies ApS: Sønderborg, Denmark and EPTechnologies GmbH: Reinbek, Germany (close to Hamburg).

→ Founded: 2013.

→ Employees: Constantly looking for more talents. 

→ Target market:  Powerboats, tourist boats, large luxury catamarans and ferries. Electric and Hybrid.

→ Current project locations: Main market is in Europe, expanding in the USA.

→ Owners: Kasper Falkenberg, Marco Ottiker