SKF Marine a.o. Stabilizers, Seals, Bearings and FMD Waste Handling Systems

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Exxpec Marine B.V. is the agent for SKF Marine a.o. Stabilizers, Seals, Bearings and FMD Waste Handling Systems. We have many years of experience (since 1994) in the shipping and Mega Yacht industry.
As per November 2020 Exxpec is the agent for SKF Marine and FMD Waste Handling Systems.
Please feel free to contact us for any question regarding our products.

SKF products

Stabilizing Systems – Non and Retractable zero speed type Z fin stabilizer
Turbulo Bilge Water Treatment and Monitoring
Cooper Split Bearings – Split to the shaft bearings that disassemble into smaller components.
SKF Coupling System –  propeller shafts, propellers and rudder assemblies. 
Lubrication Solution – SKF and Lincoln automatic lubrication systems.
Simplex and Seals – Available in a range of designs, sizes and materials and can be delivered around the globe, fast.
Bearings and Housings – large portfolio of various rolling, slewing and plain bearings and housings

FMD products

Sewage Treatment System – only plant meeting the requirements of IMO MEPC.227(64) that is capable of treating the combined influent of black, grey, laundry and galley wastewater.
Solid Waste Processor –  variable speed impact mill. Processes plastic, tins, cardboard, de-watered food waste and sewage-sludge are shredded and then heated to produce a dehydrated sterile waste that can be stored on board for extended periods without the need for refrigeration.
Taper Screw Press – De-watering Screw Press
Vacuum Collection & Transfer System – collecting by vacuum the combined wastewater into the vacuum collection tank
Permanent Air Filter – permanent air filters for engine room air intakes and HAVAC are simply washed and re-used. FMD gives 12 years guarantee on the filters.
Carbon Oxidation Process – FMD COP Oxidation Process we oxidise these contaminants, leaving post use water that can be resused or discharged with a clear conscience.

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