Argos Navigation Sonars - 3D forward looking at navigationally significant ranges

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Advanced Underwater Solutions

Patented 3D sonar technology that reliably detects in-water obstacles and shallows

Pushing the boundaries in exploring the world’s oceans and waterways.

Intuitive 3D Display
3-dimensional image ahead of a vessel at navigationally significant ranges.

Sonar Over Charts
We paint a clear picture by displaying forward looking sonar data on top of a nautical chart.

Fixed Installation
Our installation design is suitable for vessels with or without a bulb on both refit and new-builds

Rapid Update Rate
Phased array technology enables FarSounder’s sonars to generate the entire 3D image with a single ping.

Our Navigation Sonars

Discover the technology behind navigating challenging and uncharted waters

– ARGOS350   – Detection range of up to   350 meters and operating speed of up to 18 knots
– ARGOS500   – Detection range of up to   500 meters and operating speed of up to 20 knots
– ARGOS1000 – Detection range of up to 1000 meters and operating speed of up to 25 knots

FarSounder’s technology is capable of compensating for roll and pitch entirely in software with a simple, inexpensive roll and pitch sensor.

FarSounder’s Argos Series, from the Argos 350 to the Argos 1000, all have the same advanced 3D sonar technology and provide the users with a navigation solution that meets their needs and achieves the same results, for vessels of different sizes. They each have fast refresh rates and a wide field of view with every single ping and each deal with Multi-Path and Water Depth challenges. They each provide a cost-effective solution for their vessel class, size, and speed.

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Q 3D Sonar Explained

FarSounder’s dynamic technology is based on a combination of advanced acoustics and signal-processing techniques, proven phased array sonar design, and all combined with our team’s innovative approach to sonar system design. We push the boundaries of what is possible in the exploration of the world’s oceans and waterways. We tackle our work in a fundamentally different way than other sonar technologies have developed. Not all sonars accomplish the level of complexity that the FarSounder Argos Series does. FarSounder's navigation systems are the only products capable of generating a true, 3-dimensional image ahead of a vessel at navigationally significant ranges at each ping of the sonar.

Q When is 2D Sonar Insufficient?

When used as a navigation device in shallow water, other 2D technologies often fall short of being effective navigation tools. These systems are very good at finding the range and bearing to a single target in deep water. However, by definition, there are targets at every range and bearing in shallow water. Those 2D systems cannot distinguish between the safe seafloor and the dangerous in-water obstacle through depth measurement. They must rely on visual cues to guess whether or not the obstacles are located in the water column or on the seafloor. The need for visual cues forces those 2D systems to have a very high horizontal angular resolution. Unfortunately, this causes the systems to require many listening channels and requires a footprint for the receive array or lens aperture that is very long in terms of wavelengths. This long aperture requirement drives the systems to a higher frequency which in turn excludes them from long-range capabilities.