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We specialize in VAT, customs and tax compliance for private and commercial yachts in the EU. In addition to routine services like importation, fiscal representation or selecting a customs scheme for operations and works, H&V Yachting offers customized solutions including assistance during the sale of a yacht or an inspection by customs and other special procedures.

Based in Monaco known for its yachting-friendly culture and with a branch office in Italy, H&V Yachting has been approved by the Monegasque and Italian Tax Administration and is a Registered Customs Representative for France and Monaco.

With over 40 years’ experience, Thibault and Geraldine understand how yachts operate and are able to offer guidance from commercial operations and refit projects to customs compliance and sales, optimizing operations and minimizing costs and exposure.

Frequently asked questions, with which we can help you:

  • Can private yachts avoid VAT on works ?
  • Can I use my helicopter in the EU?
  • Is VAT due on owner’s supplies ?
  • Can a yacht imported under TA attend a yacht show ?
  • What is the YET scheme ?
  • Are us tenders subject to tariffs ?
  • Can I buy duty-free fuel in Italy ?
  • Do I need a fiscal rep to charter in Monaco ?

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Office >+377 99 90 65
Geraldine Veran > M +33 643 919
Thibault Hermant > M +33 643 919
Christopher Pousse > M +33 607 936


Q What do you do ?

- Importation of commercial yachts
- Compliancy consulting for yacht sales
- Temporary admission for yacht shows
- Fiscal representation
- Yachts engaged in trade (YET) scheme
- Duty free reimportation into the EU
- Temporary admission for private yachts
- VAT exempt repair and refit works
- The French reverse charge (FRC) Scheme