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Franc Jansen:

“I set up JMS because I think that yacht management can be done better.

We don’t do ‘back-handers’. We don’t tell our clients work needs to be done when it doesn’t. And we don’t hide our accounts and your spending from you.

We do believe in providing you with 100% transparent, experienced and informed yacht management and crew recruitment.

We do believe that if we look after you and your yachting assets and crew, then you will stick with us. And that is how my business has grown.

I look forward to working with you when you need us.

Monaco Office : / +377 97 70 01 73
USA Office : / +1 954 533 5428

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    Q Shared Goals

    We take the time to understand your yacht and crew as well as your personal objectives and priorities for your yacht to ensure we understand technically how to fully deliver on what you need and want.

    Q Guaranteed results

    We only contract with clients and yachts we know we can excel at helping.

    Q Competitive pricing

    As a business, we are here to profit as much from our experience and know-how as you are, however, we are neither greedy nor opportunistic. Your JMS contract quote is calculated with the least possible margins using the maximum of network benefits so the total you pay us for our service is always industry competitive.

    Q Network advantage

    With a combined experience of over 176 years in luxury yachting and commercial shipping, it’s fair to say our network of service providers is second to none. That means you benefit from volume discounts, faster delivery and the sort of personal relationships that have helped many Captains and Owners out of some potentially very awkward situations.

    Q Transparency & reporting

    This is where we get a little fastidious. Whether we are working with suppliers, shipyards, designers, architects, Project Managers, Lawyers, Surveyors and all the rest, you will always receive clear, succinct and insightful reports and updates on every aspect of every task we carry out for you, your Captain and yacht. And we can adapt those reports according to just how much and what type of information you need and want.

    Q Honesty

    You might think it odd to mention this, but so much of successful and rewarding yachting depends upon it. Whether it is linked to working with suppliers or recommendations we make in the best interests of achieving your own yachting objectives, honesty (even with its risks) lies at the heart of everything we do.

    Q 24/7 Access

    Truthfully, we work very hard in our planning, strategies and execution to avoid you or your Captain needing to access our support day and night. But this is yachting, and our support is there for you whether you need it or not.