Specialized in the installation and maintenance of resin floors and decks on yachts.

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KOLOR Floors

Kolor Floors specialises in the installation and maintenance of polyurethane and epoxy resin floors on superyachts, ships and in luxury properties.

Based in Saint Mandrier and La Ciotat, France, Kolor Floors operates all over Europe, Saint Martin and Dubai. Part of Kreative Decks, a renowned name within the carpentry sector, and with years of industry experience, Kolor Floors combines traditional and new resin systems to produce excellent results for its clients.

Partners with Sika

Kolor Floors is partnered with Sika, which produces the highest quality, multifunctional resins available to the marine industry. Using the superior products that Sika produces allows Kolor Floors to offer an extensive range of services to its clients.

Kolor Floors uses Sika decorative floor coverings to make the most of its client’s spaces by offering them a selection of unique finishes. The Sika range used by Kolor includes:

  • Sika DecoFloor
  • Sika DecoQuartz
  • Sika DecoFlake
  • Sika Comfort floor marble FX

Teak Flooring

Utilising the full Sikafloor marine range, Kolor Floors offers imitation teak floors with a range of 15 colours available. It also has a selection of caulking options for clients, ensuring the perfect finish which is highly durable, lightweight and non-slip.

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Q Why Choose us:

Kolor is part of the Kreative Decks company, a major player in the yacht carpentry and refurbishment sector.
Looking at the environment and the new technical solutions, we decided to combine the traditional with the new resin systems. We therefore opted for SIKA, a solid partner company offering high quality products.
Already a leader in construction and industry, SIKA has for several years developed a wide range of polyurethane resins for the marine industry.
Products that are modern, aesthetic and multifunctional. A wide choice for interiors (galley, cabins, gym, technical areas), exteriors (teak deck effect, prefabricated, helideck, special joinery such as gratings, handrails).

Q In which areas can a KOLOR Floors be made?

On deck
Crew messes
Technical areas