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At Lido2D3D we are knowledgeable about boats, materials, interior construction, ships carpentry and construction work and 3D laser scanning. And we can draw like no one else can. We are keen on craftsmanship and we adore new gadgets and techniques. This combination ensures that we can deliver to our customers exactly what they need: 100% correct drawings.

What we do

Lido2D3D offers premium drawing work to yacht builders across the world. We specialize in detailed production drawings for luxury yachts, in 2D and/or 3D. We supply production drawings, assembly drawings and CNC-files. With our 3D laser scanner, we can perform extremely accurate measurements on ships and yachts.

Construction Drawings
Interior Drawings
3D Laser Scanner
Project Support

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Q Construction Drawings

Our construction drawings are production-oriented and display how the ship’s construction, the interior, the piping and the other technology are interlocking.

Q Interior Drawings

We translate the customer’s design to a drawing that the interior constructor is able to work with. While drawing, we take account of the detail principles, the yard’s standards, the fire safety plan and the noise management plan. Furthermore, we are well aware of the class regulations, such as Lloyds, MCA, Bureau Veritas and CE and we assess the design against this.

Q 3D laser scanner

Our unique 3D laser scanner allows us to perform extremely accurate measurements. The scanner is broadly applicable; the measurements vary from small objects to megaprojects. We bring inspections, scatter plots, mesh models (STL, OBJ), surface models (step, iges) or solid models.

Q Project Support

Our knowledge in the area of yacht building is both theoretical and practical. We are at the drawing table and also we know the routine at the yard. This makes us excellently suitable as a project manager. We are experienced in construction support with regard to both interior and exterior.