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Marine Fuel Quality Testing

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Be assured of your marine fuel quality

Fuel is the second largest running cost of a ship, and its quality can vary significantly around the world. It’s critical that you can validate your fuel quality and quantity, and manage it safely, from the start.

When it comes to fuel-related problems, prevention is better than cure

Off-specification or contaminated fuel can put the safety, operational and environmental performance of ships at risk.

Optimise your performance and your confidence with our world-class fuel support:

  • Marine Fuel Quality Testing
  • Lube Oil Analysis
  • Bunker Quantity Surveys


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Q How does it work to get my samples tested?

1- FOBAS sends the vessel a sampling / bottle kit
2 -The fuel sample gets dropped off with agent
3 - FOBAS arranges collection of sample to laboratory
4 - FOBAS analyzes the sample and issues report

Q What kind of certifications are possible?

- Fuel Analysis Reports – as per ISO8217 Standard
- Fuel ‘’Investigation Report’’ – Chemical compounds etc
- Lube oil analyses report
- Bunker Quantity Survey Report

Q Why fuel testing?

- Prevent engine failure and damage, maintenance and replacement of parts, de-bunkering and re-fuelling, due to poor fuel quality
- Ensure the fuel is on-spec and fit for use
- Ensure compliance with global directives and regulations, and insurance underwriter requirements, with minimal operational impact