Magnums Luxury Yacht Service

We call it the 'Magnums Method'

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The Magnums Method

For training to develop and motivate individuals into a crew that provide a near-perfect service experience for your guests, Magnums Academy has a new approach.

We call it the ‘Magnums Method’

Magnums Luxury Yacht Service

Creating a luxury hospitality service and major yacht services onboard a luxury Superyacht may come with its challenges

We offer a great range of IAMI GUEST Programs to assist with your career development and towards your Certificate of Competency.

We know how to bring out the best in you or your crew

•  IAMI Guest Basic Food service
•  BASIC Wine, Bartending & Mixology
•  Advanced Food & Beverage Service
•  The 4C’s of Luxury
•  Advanced Valet Services
•  Advanced Floristry & Plant Management
•  Advanced Wine Appreciation

Participating crew and crew members will be fully-equipped with the service skills, foundation knowledge and confidence to put into practice a new level of luxury service, ensuring that each of your guests feels the luxury of truly individualized service.

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