Marine Leather

Luxury craftsmanship through innovative and modern solutions.

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Marine Leather

Luxury craftsmanship through innovative and modern solutions. Exclusive textures, precision finishing and undisputed quality of materials. Marine Leather the reference point for those looking for a unique and highly prestigious craft product.

It is one of the most well-known businesses on the market mostly thanks to its expertise in the leather-processing techniques that have guaranteed its continued success.

The company remains true to its leather-making heritage, with the focus still firmly placed on innovative craftsmanship. One of the several reasons Marine Leather has such a positive reputation in the industry, besides its passion, is its constant drive towards experimentation.

Nowadays the company is able to create innovative collections that offer a wide range of different textures as well as a myriad of diverse nuances.


* Traditional
  • CLASSIC – Fine Made in Italy leathers for your interior and exterior furnishings
  • PRESTIGE – A prestigious selection of embossed leathers
  • SPACE – Leather braided with other noble materials creating unique wovens
  • NETTUNO – Leather tiles for floor and wall
  • APOLLO – Vegetable – tanned leather suitable for a wide range of applications
* Experience
  • PESAGO – A different designs with a stunning 3D effect
  • TARSIA – Inlay art match each other to obtain geometric or naturalistic decorations
  • NECTAR – Digital printing technique
  • PANDORA – Embroidery designs with diverse foams and stitchings forming a stunning effect
  • LABIRINTO – Pleated leather for timeless elegance
  • MEDUSA – The latest laser cutting technology for your interiors
  • ARTÈ – Interlaced by hand for the most exclusive bespoke artworks

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