Fire protection - HI-FOG

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Marioff HI-FOG® system combines safety and elegance into one compact, efficient firefighting solution. With a tailor-made HI-FOG fire protection system, you can protect the entire yacht using only pure water mist – which is safe for the passengers and the crew, as well as provides you peace of mind. We help keep you and your guests safe.

Design innovations often go beyond the current regulations and require case approvals. We have experience in thousands of marine projects, including many tailor-made solutions with a separate case-specific approval.

An aesthetic yacht firefighting system

Thanks to low water usage, system weight and size can be kept to a minimum. The HI-FOG fire protection system’s piping is small bore, which makes it easy to install with minimal structural impact.

With the HI-FOG system, easy installation is coupled with aesthetic design. Discreet sprinklers are available in all different RAL colors, which blend with the finest interiors of luxury yachts.

All HI-FOG systems are tailored to match your needs. Our state-of-the-art pump unit, Electric Pump Unit (EPU), has a modular design which allows it to be modified to fit into your technical spaces.

Spaces we protect

• Accommodation and service spaces
• Deep fat fryer and duct
• Machinery space


Q How does the Marioff HI-FOG water mist system fight fire?

Fire needs three elements to ignite and burn: heat, oxygen, and fuel. A high-pressure water mist system fights fire through both primary and secondary mechanisms which affect these three elements.

>> Primary mechanisms
Cooling gases
Displacing oxygen and flammable vapors
Wetting the fuel

>>Secondary mechanisms
Suppressing heat radiation from fire
Weakening kinetic energy from fire
The HI-FOG® water mist system fights fire on many fronts. This makes it an effective fire suppression system against different types of fires, including both solid and liquid-based fires.

Q Benefits of high-pressure water mist systems

When water is fed through HI-FOG sprinklers at high pressure, it produces fine water mist. High-pressure water mist has many benefits:

• High pressure produces a larger water mist surface area than low-pressure sprinkler systems. A larger surface area is more effective.
• Powerful heat-absorbing capability prevents the fire from spreading and makes evacuation safer.
• Small droplet size makes vaporization effective, and oxygen is displaced efficiently.
• Effective vaporization cools down hot combustion gases. This protects the area surrounding the fire from heat damage.

Q Less water, more efficiency with high-pressure water mist systems

Fire testing has shown that HI-FOG water mist systems used significantly less water to suppress fires compared to a traditional sprinkler system.

Water is a valuable natural resource and should not be wasted. With the HI-FOG system, you can protect yourself and your property while conserving nature. What’s more, in some locations extra water might not be readily available, so preserving water can be a necessity.