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MINICAT for yachts

Want some sailing fun when your motor cruiser or luxury yacht is anchored in the bay? Are you bored with all the normal traditional yacht toys and want something new, different, special that could give you not only fun but also some adrenalin rush? Something that will not only be a toy but a serious sailing boat? Then what you need on your yacht is a MiniCat.

Keep it stowed below decks and use it whenever you fancy! It is a fantastic addition to your portfolio of water toys on board.

At times when you don’t want to sail, MiniCat can also be used as a tender boat. It is so easy. Just remove the sails & mast and fix the engine support (outboard). Then fit the electric motor and go.

MiniCat nowdays is a perfectly engineered and thought-out catamaran boat and comes in 4 sizes and 8 different models in range of colour combinations with wide selection of spare parts & accessories.


MiniCat GUPPY is all about the simplicity and speed of assembly. Due to the unique design of the floats pre-attached to the frame, the set-up takes just 10 mins from start to finish. GUPPY is also exceptionally light (just 27 kg) and with grab-handles on the trampoline manipulation is easy especially for children.

The funky design of the sail and no jib makes this dinghy sailboat especially appealing to first-time young sailors who want to learn sailing techniques and have fun


The 310 MiniCat Sport with its great sporting characteristics is an excellent choice for recreational sailing for beginner sailors as well as sporty fast sailing for more experienced ones. It is a fantastic inflatable sailboat for children and younger lighter sailing enthusiasts and it is popular especially for its versatility and simplicity.

310 model is equipped with a removable jib and with an endless jib furler. It come in one bag, can be assembled in about 15-20 mins and can carry up to two adult people


MiniCat 420 is the most popular inflatable sailboat from MiniCat line offering a great option of models for all sailing difficulty levels. From a simple 420 Instinct with Dacron sails and no boom to the funky black carbon version 420 Evoque with monofilm see through sail equipped with all the small perks you want on your boat, the 420 range covers all the needs of the well experienced sailors with some need for speed and adventure.

It comes in two bags, can be assembled in about 30 mins and can carry 1-4 sailors.


The 460 model line represents the largest and most powerful inflatable sailboat MiniCat. The potential of the 460 is for those who seek maximum performance, speed and exhilaration. This boat constantly surprises with the simplicity of its handling.

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Q MINICAT as tender

At times when you don’t want to sail, MiniCat can also be used as a tender boat.

It is so easy. Just remove the sails & mast and fix the engine support (outboard). Then fit the electric motor and go. For MiniCat tender boat we recommend a motor up to 3PS or 2,2 kW and preferably the long shaft.

The engine support is a board made of waterproof solid wood that can be attached on the frame next to the rudder mounting. Available for all models 2013 and newer. It is possible to have both rudder and engine support (outboard) fixed at the same time.

We sell the engine support (outboard) separately as an accessory.

Q Storage solution

Why bother with a sailing boat that you have nowhere to store and is costing you money to moor?

There are not many sailing boats that can give you such fun and satisfaction yet they require minimum boat storage. One of the biggest advantages of MiniCat is that this sailing boat can be packed away and stored without almost any requirements on storage.

After a fun day sailing you simply pack it away in a bag, store the boat bag in your cupboard or under the bed and next weekend you take it out again.

No extra charges for boat storage or mooring, no worries that someone is going to steal it. To own this sailing boat is a pure joy with no stress and extra costs.