Handcrafted luxury crystal

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Moser is a Czech company focused on the production of lead-free handcrafted luxury crystal. The company began in 1857 when Ludwig Moser, a talented engraver and businessman opened an engraving workshop and store in the spa town of Karlovy Vary. Moser crystal gained worldwide recognition thanks to its unique beauty, quality, as well as timeless design and mastery of our glassmakers. The Moser trademark became the world’s concept of luxury crystal and the symbol of perfect manual processing.

We don’t produce, we create

No finer collective of artists collaborates under one roof, under more pressure. It takes more than 40 glass workers to make a vase. Glass blowers often handle pieces exceeding 25kg, knowing one slip in concentration could destroy the piece and delay the entire team. This tradition of elite artisans working hand-in-hand at the peak of their powers, is the secret to the enduring quality of Moser. Our continued success lies solely in their hands.

Colours you will fall in love with

In the morning, the glasswork dazzles, uplifting a room like a living strelitzia. At night, its colours transform, warming the space with understated elegance. For over 160 years, few have mastered colour like our glassmakers. They work as oil painters with Moser’s iconic hues that are a result of closely guarded ratios of precious ingredients for generations.

Crystal found nowhere else

Since 1893, Moser has used only lead-free crystal. No material demands more from its glassmakers. Novices can take years to master the skills needed. Lead-free crystal gives the glassmaker a very short time to shape it on the blowpipe, and for its considerable hardness, it is difficult to cut it. But such effort is well rewarded. Lead-free crystal is remarkable for its purity, shine and hardness. And friendliness to the glassmakers and the environment.



> Wine and Champagne Glasses
> Highballs & Tumblers
> Shot & Liqueur Glasses
> Brandy, Cognac, Cocktail
> Decanters & Pitchers


> Vases
> Bowls
> Candleholders & Accessories