Unifying connections

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We provide our clients with unparalleled, global nextGen broadbeam VSAT (GEO) speeds of more than 400Mbps, 4G/5G mobile data connectivity, local WiFi/WIMAX networks and high-speed low-latency LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Internet. We integrate all of these into a smart traffic-steering “FUSION” solution in order to provide the best connectivity experience depending on your requirements, whether this be for latency sensitive apps or higher bandwidth needs such as HD video streaming.

Why choose between different connectivity solutions?
…When you can have them all.

nextGenFUSION – We simultaneously provide multiple WANs over a single stream in order to maximise the capabilities of all of them.

Flexible Contracts – The bandwith you need, when you need it!

Fleet Contracts – Get a private VSAT network for your fleet of vessels


Supporting and empowering our clients with the right tools
NOC – Network operating Centre 24/7/365 support
Cyber Security Services – let us secure your vessels communications
Onboard Network Solutions – Let us take care of IT
Unity is the ultimate all-in-one onboard appliance, allowing you to unify all your communications under one umbrella (VSAT, 4G/5G & WiFi).
+ Plexus TV
+ Security
+ Traffic Shaping
CSP – Customer Support Portal. The easiest way to monitor all your day to day VSAT communications, our Customer Support Portal is one of the most powerful operation management tools available on the market. The new CSP service is included free of charge with any OmniAccess Broadbeam VSAT plan.
nextGen iO 4/5G – Unify all your communications under one umbrella
+ Single contract associated to multiple SIM cards
+ Management portal
+ Integration with your existing systems
+ 24/7 NOC Support

Direct Contacts:

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OmniAccess USA – Fort Lauderdale > +1 954 210 8457
Support 24/7 :
    Spain +34 971 01 63 33
UK +44 203 769 7483
US +1 954 239 58 45


Q History OmniAccess

OmniAccess was founded in Palma de Mallorca in 2001 as a Wifi/Wimax provider for superyachts in several Ports in Palma and the Mediterranean. The company’s roots in networking and IT lead to its venture in to LAN services whilst still providing superyachts with WAN solutions. Our close relationship with our clients and new satellite broadband technology lead to VSAT service provisioning. After a few years of operating managed VSAT networks our first teleport went live in 2009, following our strong principles of truly end-to-end control we continued to grow our own infrastructure.

Q Mission + Vision

Pushing boundaries to reach the unreachable

Through our team´s passion and commitment, we surpass client expectations by integrating and developing innovative products and services that push the boundaries of technology

Q Location

We are located on the island of Mallorca, in the heart of the Mediterranean. In addition to being a major yachting hub, Mallorca offers ideal conditions for satellite earth stations. Our Teleport location benefits from over 300 days of sunshine per year, below average precipitation and quickly overpassing weather fronts, making weather related outages very rare. Our southerly location allows us to uplink to numerous additional satellites unlike other Teleports located further North, allowing for further redundancy and flexibility in booking satellite capacity.