European and Worldwide voice and data solutions

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With over 15 years’ of industry experience within the telecoms market, we have used our knowledge to build mobile roaming tariffs tailored to the specific needs of the yachting industry.

Due to the seasonal nature of many yacht itineraries, we understand the need for flexible mobile roaming solutions. Our unique offering generates significant savings when compared to standard network charges.

Our team of experts are skilled, experienced and dedicated to customer service.

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- One Provider
All your mobile requirements will be handled by us, whether that is a question regarding usage in a particular destination, technical assistance or an additional connection.

- Flexible Billing
Invoices can be tailored to your requirements, be this: multiple yachts on one invoice; multiple solutions on one invoice or individual invoices.

- Our Portal
Our online portal allows you to view your call data and invoices. Access to this service can be set at multiple levels so a management company can view the yachts they look after or a Captain can view their own usage.

Q What kind of DATA TARIFFS do you provide?

We provide ultimate flexibility, ensuring to suit the requirements of every size of vessel, usage pattern, budget and itinerary. Backed by our full team of Customer and Technical Support, we always strive to go above and beyond to guarantee your experience is second to none.

Q Are there special CREW TARIFFS?

Our NEW voice and data plans are tailored specifically for Superyacht Crew and Seafarers globally. With years of experience and market leading expertise we have unique, price conscious offerings available.

We know your itineraries may change regularly, so we offer all SIM only contracts on a 30-day no commitment tariff - flexibility is key for you. There is no one size fits all, so you can create your own plan depending on your season, home port and individual usage needs. You can upgrade or downgrade contracts to ensure you are on the most cost effective plan at all times.

Long gone are the days of using local cards and continuously switching, we offer a one SIM simple solution. eSIMs are also available for compatible phones.

Q Do you provide HARDWARE?

In addition to our market leading data packages and permanent roaming voice and data plans, we can also supply, setup and manage a variety of hardware packages. These range from large, multi sim bonding solutions and managed systems to smaller single sim router and antenna packages.

Get in touch with one of our experienced technical team to discuss your requirements. More details of the systems we offer are outlined below however, please note, we can customise all hardware packages to suit almost any specification.
+> Pepwave
+> CELLweaver
+> K4 Mobility

Q Do you provide SPEEDFUSION solutions ?

Yes we provide SPEEDFUSION Solutions.
Bond your connection with 4G/5G SIM cards, LEO providers such as Starlink, marina Wi-Fi, wired LAN or any other WAN connection to create a single, faster, and more reliable internet connection.
Our data centres offer advanced security features such as SSL encryption and DDoS protection, ensuring your internet connection is always secure and protected against cyber threats.
We understand that you need a reliable and fast internet connection without any limits, that's why our hosting service comes with no throughput or bandwidth limits.

Get in contact with our Peplink Certified Engineers to assist you.