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SEAmagine is a leading designer and manufacturer of 2 to 7 person personal submersibles, or small private submarines, for use on luxury yachts, in scientific and professional expeditions, and for the defense sector.

We have been instrumental in pioneering the personal submersible industry since 1995 and with an unmatched record of over 12,000 dives accumulated on our fleet, we produce the world’s superior personal or private submersibles based on a decades-long, solid track record of unbeatable innovation and design features, remarkable reliability, dependable long-term support, and proven client satisfaction.

All SEAmagine private or personal submersibles are built to navigate depths ranging from 100 meters to 2300 meters, are formally classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and are approved for Cayman flag registration.

Leisure & Yachting

SEAmagine offers a series of exceptional 3 to 6 person submersible models uniquely designed for the yachting sector. With an uncompromising focus on quality and elegant design, our semi-custom approach prioritizes spaciousness, style, and comfort combined with a captivating panoramic view of the ocean.

Science & Tourism

Based on extensive at-sea usage resulting in unfailing reliability over many decades, SEAmagine offers deep-ocean-rated manned submersibles with a large array of subsea tools for the scientific community as well as larger 3 to 7 passenger submarines for the commercial tourism sector.

Industrial & Coast Guard

SEAmagine is the only manufacturer that has produced manned submersibles for various coast guard fleets within the defense sector to help them handle the toughest of missions in Search & Rescue or underwater inspections. Our track record for reliability and robustness reaches even further to the industrial sector seeking efficient subsea solutions.

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Q WHY SEAmagine

SEAmagine has a nearly three decades-long history of producing extraordinary submersibles and delighting clients worldwide. With over 12,000 dives performed on SEAmagine subs, we have more dives accumulated on our submarines than all of our competitors combined. We produce the world’s superior submersibles based on our unmatched portfolio of experience, a solid track record of unbeatable innovation and design features, remarkable reliability, dependable long-term support, and proven client satisfaction.

• The Distinct Leader in Reliability
• Outstanding Design & Performance
• Reliable 27 Year Track Record
• Flexibility & Semi-Custom Solutions
• Uncompromising Quality in Fabrication
• Uncompromising Quality in Fabrication

Q The SEAmagine Legacy

SEAmagine has been a clear leader in the evolution of manned submersibles since the 1990’s and we have an impressive legacy of “Firsts” in this marine sector. Our experience gained at sea from the intense usage of our subs, representing thousands of dives accumulated over many decades, as lead to our latest models that are currently in their 5th Generation of evolution embodying the best in design, fabrication, and technologies. Our after-sales support has a proven track record worldwide for dependability and responsiveness to support even the most challenging projects.

• First Company to Revive Manned Submersibles
• First to Innovate Boarding Subs After Launch
• First to Develop Sub Pilot Training Program
• First to Introduce 3 Person Acrylic Subs
• First to Elevate Style in Design & Comfort
• First to Introduce Improved Passenger Boarding
• First to Deliver to Coast Guards & Defense
• The Only Company with Over 12,000 Dives

>> 5th Generation of Submersible Designs
The extensive usage of the SEAmagine subs over many years in the leisure, commercial, and defense sectors has brought constant improvements of our designs over time. Today, SEAmagine is offering the 5th generation of its submersibles’ evolution which are unmatched in design, fabrication quality , and in guaranteed reliability.