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We believe the ultimate luxury is uninterrupted time on the water. That’s why Smartgyro stabilizers are designed to minimize not only unwanted movement but also downtime during maintenance.

Our love for boating comes alive in our products. We push the limits of
technology so boaters can enjoy a life without limits.

Smartgyro stabilizers eliminate boat roll to make life’s richest moments more comfortable, safe, and satisfying.

  • Powerfull Performance
    Advanced technology virtually eliminates boat roll, no matter the conditions
  • Superior Efficiency
    Stabilizers can be fully serviced onboard for significant time and cost savings
  • Less Downtime
    Easier maintenance means more time to enjoy your favorite things in life


Whether refitting a classic cruiser or building a modern yacht, Smartgyro’s unique modular construction makes the process seamless.

By designing a unit that can be fully disassembled, Smartgyro has created new installation opportunities in vessels with small access spaces.

Existing Boats
The base frame can be broken down into four parts to allow for installation through narrow access hatches, making refitting easier and more cost-efficient.

New Boats
The unit’s compact dimensions allow boat builders to easily integrate Smartgyro into vessel design, including taking advantage of empty hull space.


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Smartgyro is part of YANMAR