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For 30 years, Stark has been reinventing visual communication languages and designing advanced 3D technologies through continuous research and experimentation. A dynamic Italian company with diversified know-how: two main branches, the first deals with the production of artistic content and major international events, the second with the production of exclusive and patented technologies for 3D special effects and interactive immersive installations.
Stark puts the most innovative architectural projection and ‘Interactive Experience’ technologies available today at the service of art and entertainment, business and the corporate world.
With numerous international patents, Stark’s systems confirm its world leadership in projectors for multivision, large image and maxi projection, holograms and ultra-defined screens. In its ten-year journey, Stark has won the trust of the most prestigious clients including: Vege’, Audi, Luxottica, Bmw, Mastercard, Inter, Milan, Rai, Mediaset, Beijing Olympics, Turin Film Museum, Uffizi Museum, Gardaland, Presidency of the Council, Gazzetta dello Sport, and established important partnerships such as with Ferrari.



Stark reinvents and interprets visual and multimedia communication languages and new syntaxes, designs advanced 3D technologies, and realises immersive and three-dimensional shows, managing the entire development cycle: from the initial conception, which includes the study of the set-up and integration of the multimedia component, to the identification and design of the most suitable technologies, up to the development of the concept and the production of the most appropriate content.

Two main branches, the first deals with the production of artistic content and major international events, the second with the production of exclusive and patented technologies for 3D special effects and interactive immersive installations.

Every space becomes a story, fluid, interactive, engaging, turning places into vibrant stages and technological evolutions in which to narrate and thrill.


Q Interactive System

Interactive Systems make it possible to create new spaces in continuous evolution: magnificent sensory effects that are activated by a person passing over the images or the touch of a hand.

Customisable floor-projected videos with high-quality 3D technology, multimedia graphic effects. Interactive Systems amplify the visual and tactile experiences of museums and cultural venues with Touchless projection systems and interactive libraries, enrich events and make performances and shows unique.

- STARK MATRIX - IT creates magnificent effects when a person passes over images or videos projected on the floor
- STARK MATRIX TOUCH - Amplifies the tactile experience of guests and visitors with an interactive object recognition system
- STARK INTERACTIVE LIBRABRY - Touchless interactive library with projection and interactive tracking system
- STARK TOUCH TABLE - Integrated system combining design and technology for flexible use in a wide variety of areas


The holographic effect is realised with special Stark technology that offers exceptional brightness and very high definition.
By means of sophisticated image processing, we have a great deal of spectacularism and life-size holograms at our disposal.
Stark has produced and patented many unique products, becoming internationally standard-setting.
We also realise holograms of large dimensions, almost on an architectural scale.

- HOLOGRAM OPEN FRAME - The special Ultrabright technology offers exceptional brightness and very high definition
- STARK HOSTESS - Stark hostess is an interactive holographic system, a realistic life-size virtual figure
- STARK HOLO WALL - Intergrated modular system for large and small holographic effects
- STARK HOLOGRAM - This system makes it possible to achieve large holograms, almost on an architectural scale


Stark ImageWall is a multimedia wall born from the combination of high quality design and advanced technology.
A refined finish for the high definition screen that can be made in any size and shape up to surfaces of even hundreds of square metres.

A product that enriches any experience for an innovative and future-oriented furniture idea.

IMAGEWALL SERIES - A luxurious and elegant media wall that combines a refined finish with a high-definition screen
TECHNOLOGICAL FURNISHINGS - The combination of design and technology gives shape to the innovative furniture project


Architectural Image Projectors are even effective on large surfaces and in high brightness.
Architectural Image Mapping is optimised for theatres, cultural spaces and different environments thanks to the remote focusing system.
Architectural Projectors can also be interactive with integrated dynamic video and 3D graphics processing systems.

CANNON - Stark canon is a high-power beam projector
LIVE PRO - With Stark Live Pro it is possible to completely change the image of buildings and entire architectural spaces.
NEW THEATRE - Is an effective architectural projector for architectural mapping in theaters and museums
REVOLUTION - Star Revolution is the first moving head large-format projector


An immersive environment that turns any narrative into a show thanks to scaled projections for magnificent and refined effects on surfaces of any size.

Stark projectors adapt to different installation and technical requirements, creating new places where imagination is at the centre of the narrative.

PLANTEARIUM AND IMMERSIVE HALL - An immersive environment creates a fascinating and dynamic storytelling place
INDOOR PROJECTORS - Video projectors of varying power, definition and brightness suitable for the most diverse installation and technical requirements.
OUTDOOR AND HIGH PERFORMANCE PROJECTORS - A wide range of projectors allows for projections from the smallest facades to the largest
VIDEOMAPPING - Projection registered projection that creates magnificent and refined effects on surfaces.