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Tai Ping Carpets


Tai Ping Carpets was founded in British Hong Kong in 1956 with the ambitious goals of developing industry in the post-war colony and providing employment to migrant workers fleeing political turmoil in China. The core value system instilled by its founders of operating ethically and responsibly have been a cornerstone of the company’s guiding principles ever since.


The complexity of Tai Ping creations calls for exceptional artisanal skills. The standard of excellence that has defined the Tai Ping brand since 1956 is evidenced not only in the company’s exquisitely handcrafted products but also in the spirit and commitment of its workers at all levels of design and execution. On a daily basis, Tai Ping artisans transform the most complicated custom designs into works of art that exceed the expectations of discerning customers worldwide. Tai Ping’s ethos of community, longevity and employee care began in the company’s first workshop in 1956 and it proudly continues today.


Tai Ping has a dedicated Health, Safety & Environment department that oversee policies and procedures and drive environmental protection initiatives, including energy efficiency, emission reduction, wastewater management, and responsible stewardship of local resources. The manufacturing facilities not only operate under rigorous sustainability standards, but also offer a safe, enriching atmosphere for all employees. The company demands the highest ethical and environmental standards throughout its global business operations and within its supply chain, and strongly encourages customers to do the same. Tai Ping invest the same level of care in creating bespoke, artisanal products as in managing natural resources and safeguarding out employees and associates.


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