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Noise and Vibration Control - Sound-reducing solutions

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Van Cappellen Consultancy has been active in the maritime sector as an engineering company since 1984, providing specialist services in noise and vibration control for luxury yachts and merchant vessels.


Van Cappellen Consultancy strives to constantly improve their services. New technologies in noise and vibration control give us new insight in predicting noise levels. An ever-changing world in which our expertise always grows.

Vibration analysis In order to meet vibration targets it is essential to study the vessel’s structural behavior.

Insulation treatments – Sound insulation is divided into structural insulation (bulkheads, sides and overheads) and joinery insulation (floors and partitions).
Insulation categories : Sound insulation , Fire insulation and Thermal insulation

Noise level predictions – Noise levels are calculated to verify the contractual noise values considering the sound sources and insulation treatments.

On-site inspections – Van Cappellen Consultancy not only inspections the installation of insulation treatments, but also validates the installation of machinery equipment, connections and support by performing intermediate measurements such as mobility measurements.

Noise and vibration measurements – There are numerous measurement objectives, including checking whether noise and vibration levels comply with the contract specification, pre and post refit comparisons or survey troubleshooting

Transmission Loss and Damping Loss Factor Testing – in our test facility we are able to not only test materials for their Damping Loss Factor (DLF) but also the Sound Transmission Loss (TL) of a partition.

Other Services – In addition to our standard services, we also assist shipyards and owners with various other noise and vibration related issues

Marine comfort products – innovative sound-reducing solutions
• Encapsure sound enclosure
• Custom base frame
• Flexcap isolator mounts

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