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Making the Underwater World Visible

Wavefront was founded in 2004 with a mission to apply engineering excellence to the problems of underwater detection, imaging and navigation. Wavefront works with its customers to make the underwater world visible – protecting Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), preventing maritime collisions, monitoring the integrity of undersea assets and exploring our under-water world with stunning high-resolution imagery.

Wavefront is proud to have designed and developed some of the world’s most capable commercially available sonar systems:

  • Sentinel IDS is the world’s most deployed Intruder Detection Sonar capable of detecting, tracking and classifying underwater targets including new drone threats;
  • Vigilant FLS is a Forward Looking Sonar with unique patented technology capable of depth finding at ranges ahead of your vessel in excess of 20 times the prevailing water depth;
  • Solstice MAS is a unique Multi-Aperture Sonar designed to provide world-class imagery by blending the high performance of Synthetic Aperture Sonar with the reliability and robustness of conventional side-scan; and
  • Sentry IMS is a field-proven Integrity Monitoring Sonar designed for ocean depth deployments where it continuously monitors billions of cubic feet of seawater around critical seabed assets.

Wavefront’s industry-leading products are in use globally in civilian, public, defence, offshore and commercial markets.

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