SEASCOPE – Online course – Lithium-ion battery Safety Awareness on Superyachts

Lithium-ion Battery with info about online safety training

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NEW 🔋 Online course – Lithium-ion battery Safety Awareness on Superyachts. Prevention is better than cure.

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🦺Who is this course for?
• Superyacht crew who use Li-ion battery-operated equipment.
• Competent Persons responsible for battery charging operations.
• Safety Officers and Emergency Response Teams.
• Yacht Captains and Officers who must provide confident leadership in implementing safe operating procedures for Li-ion batteries.
• Yacht Managers who must manage and document their safety culture for Li-ion batteries.

📑Course subjects
• The development of Li-ion battery technology.
• How Li-ion batteries function.
• Where Li-ion batteries can be found on yachts.
• Recognising and preventing Li-ion battery abuse.
• The statutory need for hazard identification for Li-ion batteries.
• Toxic and explosive gas hazards.
• Fire and thermal runaway.
• Basic fire theory as applied to Li-ion battery fires.
• Fixed firefighting systems on yachts.
• Advanced equipment and solutions for tackling Li-ion fires.
• Safe battery storage handling and disposal.
• Safe battery charging practices.

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