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3D printed inflatable wing shape

January 2024
– At shapewave industries BV, we have been working diligently to revolutionize the industry with our transformative shapewave® technology. 

This cutting-edge technology, featuring automated tape assembly for precise shape control, is redefining the design and manufacturing of inflatable parts. By enabling reduced weight, enhanced precision, and improved stiffness, our innovative approach ensures optimum performance and cost-effectiveness in various applications across industries.

Our target is to provide industries with OEM shapewave® parts from our shapewave® farms.

shapewave® parts can be inflated to over 1 bar and can be assembled to incorporate inflatable structural elements with even higher pressures for the creation of, for instance, wing sails.

Our state-of-the-art shapewave® tool chain, capable of populating imported CAD files with an internal tape structure and creating tool paths for our patented shapewave® wavemaker tape bonding robot, will be unveiled.

This groundbreaking technology, combining advanced materials and cutting-edge engineering, enables efficient building of inflatable wings, sails, kites, hulls, boards, furniture, awnings and lots more, providing an economical and sustainable manufacturing process that has the potential to revolutionize the marine sector.

shapewave® technology empowers precise shape customization, compact storage, lightweighting and unprecedented design possibilities.

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