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December 2023
– Do you LOVE updating or rewriting your CV?⁠

hmmm, personally, this is something that I don’t enjoy doing for myself and I don’t think many people enjoy doing either. 😄⁠

Writing a CV takes many hours and so it should as you are hopefully applying for your dream job, so you want to present yourself in the best possible light.⁠

Unfortunately, I often see poorly written CVs from Heads of Departments down to Green Crew. It’s so easy to get yourself in the ‘no’ pile if you don’t know how to format your CV or how to sell your strengths and talents.⁠

My Ultimate Superyacht CV Toolkit includes :⁠
👉️CV Letter Templates⁠
⁠👉️The exact template that meets industry standards.⁠
👉️Three stylish, fully formatted Canva CV templates⁠
👉️Simply type your information into the perfect CV Template⁠
👉️A BONUS superyacht cover letter template to highlight your points of difference with examples⁠
“How to” Video Guide⁠

👉️Build your CV step-by-step⁠ with short videos explaining how⁠
👉️Video tutorials showing what to include in each section and why⁠
👉️How to optimise your CV layout⁠
👉️Tips and tricks for formatting your document so that it does what you want!⁠

👉️Exclusive recorded interviews with industry leaders⁠
(Superyacht Heads of Department and a top recruiter share what they’re looking for in CVs and at interviews)⁠
👉️ Get my set of interview questions that I ask candidates when recruiting, and be prepared with polished answers on the day.⁠
👉️ Enhance Your Professional Online Profile⁠

👉️The secret formula to crafting a successful profile statement ⁠
👉️Profiles optimised for social media⁠
👉️The golden rules of a CV photo and professional online image