THOA – Portable and dimmable LED light made by PREBIT

Portable and dimmable light on wooden floor

THOA, our DAME award nominated portable and dimmable LED light is equipped with the sophisticated dim2warm® lighting technology, it is an elegant looking and practical accessory for cozy hours on board.

No matter where it stands or hangs, it draws a fascinating play of light in its surroundings – almost like a diamond that is illuminated. Thanks to dim2warm® technology, dimming not only changes the brightness, but also the color of the light – it gets warmer. You will never be dazzled, even at full brightness, and the further you dim THOA, the more comfortable the light will be – right up to a candlelight atmosphere.

⇒ Made by PREBIT – Manufacturer of luxury standard and custom LED lights

Light plays a decisive role when it comes to the feel-good factor in rooms – on land, but also on the water. We have been manufacturing exclusive LED lights for the maritime market for 20 years. Within a few years, prebit® has established itself as one of the leading lighting brands for the equipment of yachts and upscale luxury yachts in particular.

In our manufactory in Rheinbach near Bonn, we develop innovative lights “Made in Germany”, which are perfectly integrated into individual lighting concepts on board with high-quality technology and precision craftsmanship and ensure optimal staging. Manufactured from selected materials and presented in a timelessly aesthetic design, we are constantly developing our products with expertise and a great deal of passion.

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