VPLP Design – Seaffinity – Our vision of a new concept of yacht, more in harmony with nature and the environment.

design concept of a trimaran with special masts

February 2024

We initiated this research with our desire to meet the expectations of new customers who are not attracted by a traditional yacht offer, as they pollute too much. These new generations of customers are designing the future by bringing systems where the user has easy access to technology. The sense of ease of use is essential and gives way to pleasure and envy.

We chose to design a yacht with a monolithic shape inspired by the world of sea birds, seagulls. Also, we wanted to create an almost total fusion between the hulls and the coachroof, with the aim of optimizing the formal integration of all the components of the yacht, so that they are no longer separate elements, but a global whole. We have associated the shape of the boat with breakthroughs that enhance the view outwards and give off an impression of great lightness.

This super streamlined trimaran honoring VPLP Design’s vision of a yacht of the future, silent, partly automated, and propelled by a virtuous energy, the wind.

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